30 hours of online training
Bookable all year

OmmWorks Online Training is designed to reduce anxiety and self-regulate stress to support teacher and student success. 

The program provides numerous tools for maintaining and improving mental health and a curriculum that can be easily implemented in the classroom. Additionally, it can be used in health facilities, gyms, sports clubs, as well as in individual settings. 

The training is self-paced, experiential, informative and its fun! Sign up now and learn the basics of mindfulness, meditation, breathing, yoga and self-care. 

OmmWorks was co-developed with psychologists, trauma specialists and yoga teachers to enhance cognitive skills and overall wellbeing.
Expect to learn:
•    Mindful meditations
•    Energy systems in the body 
•    Exercises to increase heart rate and mood
•    Breathing & self-care techniques to calm the nervous system 
•    Omm poses for strength, flexibility and balance
•    Journaling
•    Happy healthy eating tips
•    Learning with vision, focus and fun
•    How to use OmmWorks inside and outside the classroom

Special bundle pricing

GBP 450.- per person