We believe health, happiness and wellbeing should be accessible to every child everywhere.

Our vision

With the program "brainbow works powered by OmmWorks" children and teenagers are empowered to recognize and reduce stress, create success and use the full potential of emotional, social and academic intelligence.

Inspire and teach.
Our goals

It is very important to us to make the numerous advantages of "brainbow works" known in schools, health care facilities, youth organizations and in the sports sector in Europe, to inspire learners to a "happy routine" in order to live their full potential.

brainbow works powered by OmmWorks

Body, mind and emotions are balanced through mindful movement, dance, meditation and breathing and self-care techniques based on 7 energy centers in the body. Additionally, creativity and self-reflection is stimulated through happy, healthy eating tips, journal writing and self-expression. The program is divided into eight lessons and is suitable from a single class to an eight week program. Parts of it can be used as a resource tool to enhance existing lessons.

Stress Relief

We cannot completely avoid stress in our lives, but we can change the way we respond to daily stressors so that we find balance, harmony and inner peace. Stress not only settles in the mind, but also in the body: e.g. shoulder tension, headaches, sleep problems, digestive disorders. OmmWorks releases the blockages on the physical, mental and emotional level.

SEA of Intelligence

OmmWorks trains emotional and social intelligence. Students learn to recognize and express their own feelings, as well as recognize and respect the feelings of others. Developing emotional intelligence gives us the foundation to be authentic and the ability to surround ourselves with people who support us along the way. Hereby enhancing our social intelligence and at the same time, building our academic intelligence. Learning with vision and purpose.

Life purpose

OmmWorks helps learners discover their unique skills and talents and share them with others. 

  • Do what you love.
  • Love what you do.
  • And Serve others.

When we do what we love, love what we do, and serve others, we enjoy living in the present and tapping into our unique gifts and talents.

Advantages of brainbow works powered by OmmWorks

Regular practice and a "happy routine" leads to numerous benefits in everyday life, at home and in all relationships:

Relief from anxiety and stress

Relief from anxiety and stress
Increased awareness, focus and clarity

Increased awareness, focus and clarity
Awakened creativity

Awakened creativity
Book Description

Our guide book is highly experiential, colorful and at the heart of the Ommworks program. Learners can release themselves from anxiety, release daily stress at school, at home, in personal contacts, in social media and gain joy and fun in learning.
It includes 7 happy life lessons:

Be Fearless
Be Creative
Be Powerful
Be Kind    
Be Expressive
Be Purposeful
Be OmmAzing! 

Learn meditations, mindful movement, mindful breathing, dance, self-care and much more. Ideal for learners to integrate the practice into everyday life, as well as for teachers and parents to support our youth in discovering their unique talents and sharing them with the world! 


Price: GBP 27.-

Book Description

Breathe into bliss

Experience fun, lightness and joy through OmmWorks.
Just show up.

Training program
30 hours of online training
Bookable all year

OmmWorks Online Training is designed to reduce anxiety and self-regulate stress to support teacher and student success. 

The program provides numerous tools for maintaining and improving mental…

GBP 450.- per person